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Apr 17 – 19, 2018 Munich Airport German/English tbd. € 1.990,- €
Jul 10 – 12, 2018 Munich Airport German/English tbd. € 1.990,- €


During this course attendees will learn basic principles as well as common and more advanced tricks to break modern security mechanisms. The subjects of this workshop cover network security, low level software exploitation, reverse engineering, web application hacking and more.

Attendees will also learn to think and act with the mindset of an attacker. Understanding their routine, tools and procedures will enable you to gain a novel outside perspective onto your current setups and deployments. With this knowledge, you will find yourself capable of locating and addressing the most pressing threats faster and more efficiently.


  • IT-Security officers
  • Prospective penetration testers
  • New members of CERTs/Red teams


Day 1

  • Enumeration:
    • Initial information acquisition (for example about Google Hacking, social networks or meta data analysis)
    • Network based enumeration (Portscans, different Portscan technologies, Banner Grabbing)
    • Basic analysis of network traffic
  • Vulnerability Scanning:
    • Introduction to different categories of weak points
    • Identification of weak points
  • Buffer Overflows:
    • Functionality of Buffer Overflows
    • Modeling own exploits

Day 2

  • Exploiting with Metasploit: Handling the Exploit Framework
    • Selection of suitable exploits
    • Goal-orientated use of payloads
    • Modeling your own Trojans
  • Hacking Applications:
    • Comprehension of weak points on the level of application
    • Analysis of sample programs
    • Avoiding safety functionality in applications
  • Hacking Networks part 1 (regarding Cisco hardware): Attacks on Layer 2 (Man-in-the-Middle situations)

Day 3

  • Hacking Networks Part 2 (regarding Cisco hardware)
  • Attacks on Layer 3: Attacks on network devices as well as on infrastructure
  • • WLAN Hacking: Avoiding basic protective mechanisms, evaluation of advanced mechanisms

All modules entail concluding hands-on exercises, in which participants can exercise their theoretical knowledge practically. In compliance with the participants the results of these practices can be requited with scores, which will lead to a positioning on a scoreboard.


The course imparts essential knowledge and practical experience for a discrete realization of established and current attacks. This knowledge is useful to understand security measures
and to evaluate their necessity.

Further pre-requisites for attending:

Own computer (preferably laptop), USB-/CD-bootable, administrative rights inclusive installed VMWare Workstation/VMWare Player/Virtual Box.

Basics, which are of advantage for this course:

  • Basic programming knowledge in at least one coding language.
  • Practical experience with Shells (Command/PowerShell in Windows, Bash in Linux).
  • Basic TCP/IP knowledge (for example ARP, ICMP, SNMP).
  • Basic network infrastructure knowledge (Switching: VLAN, Trunk Port, routing: statistical, dynamic routing).

These basics are not absolutely necessary for participating, but foster the learning success during the course!

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Felix Möckel

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