IT Security Porfolio

IT Security Porfolio

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence is the ability to gain, merge, analyze, and visualize data in order to gain conclusive insights. We support our customers in advancing from a having a defensive attitude to having an active defense.

We offer proactive management of IT infrastructures through efficient tools and specialized knowledge. We have many years of experience in all fields of IT security, including compliance audits as well as the design, implementation and operating of IT security solutions of leading security manufacturers.

Application Security

Among others, web application firewalls (WAFs) enable you to achieve a PCI-compliant high security level for web applications, even in harsh development conditions. Classical security solutions such as firewalls, reverse proxies, deep inspection, and IDS/IPS are only able to protect web applications in a very rudimentary manner.

Network & Endpoint Security

In the network & infrastructure field, interdisciplinary thinking and cross-functional exchange are demanded. In this area, we draw upon our experienced and certified specialists, who can develop a future-proof network- and infrastructure design with you and work out suggestions for migration. We are glad to undertake implementations or consult with your network specialists about our preferred solution.

People & Processes

In addition to applied technologies, people and security processes are becoming increasingly important to be successful in identifying and defending against modern attacks such as advanced persistent threats (APT). Therefore it is very important for the non-IT security specialist to develop stronger security awareness. This is where the Security Awareness Programs come into play.

Especially medium-sized companies can barely reach the required level of protection for their core business with their own means and resources today. New production technologies and the networking with the Enterprise IT create additional threats that need to be confronted. iT-CUBE SYSTEMS has the necessary solution modules for industrial security, which are affordable for every business.