Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence – We develop the right defense strategy for you.

Security Intelligence is the ability to gain, merge, analyze, and visualize data in order to gain conclusive insights.

As demonstrated dramatically by numerous security incidents in the past, the motivation and aggressiveness of attackers has grown significantly. IT security must be integrated into all business and IT processes in order to cope with these developments. To achieve these objectives, it must existing “silos” must be broken and a holistic approach for security must be chosen. Prevention alone is not enough anymore. The early detection of security incidents or indications of an incident (IOC) is the challenge. To achieve this, internal as well as external sources must be used.

Internally, a data flood is underway. Keyword: Big Data. Externally, the appropriate information channels need to be selected, for example: threat intelligence feeds, global honeynet feeds, etc.  Processes and people are required to control both and to integrate with technologies in order to create a good security intelligence solution.

We support our customers in advancing from a having a defensive attitude to having an active defense. Additionally we help you implement a responsive, sustainable, analysis-driven concept for your IT security. Let us advise you and show you how you can profit from our know-how gained from numerous security projects.

 *IOC (indicator of compromise)